“If we ever forget that we're one nation under God, then we will be one nation gone under.” 
― Ronald Reagan

Meet James

A Husband, Father, and Grandfather

James and Rapheala are happily married and God has blessed them with four wonderful adult children, a nine year old at home and four grandchildren. One of the greatest callings in life is family and the lessons that come with it everyday.  James has put God and family first in his life and has used his experiences to show others the wonder of Gods love and message.

Preacher, Teacher, and Servant Leader

James has been a US History teacher at Roosevelt Middle School in Oklahoma City since 2014. This has allowed him to work with at risk kids in the community and facilitate their growth as future leaders of their community. Teaching the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are favorites as together along with biblical principles they form the cornerstone of American culture.


 James also serves as the Senior Pastor of Christ’s Church in Norman, OK. He is beginning his 43rd year in the ministry and is still just as enthusiastic about his calling as he was in his first year. James also plays the bass guitar in his church praise band. God gave us all gifts to be used for His glory and James will continue to bring honor and praise to Jesus' name.


Additionally, James has authored, “It’s Biblical, Not Political,” which guides Christian voters on how to vet political candidates to ensure they will follow the Constitution and the intent of our Founding Fathers to limit federal power while protecting the rights of the states and people respectively.

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