“no people can be both ignorant and free.” 
-Thomas Jefferson-


“I hope I shall possess firmness and virtue enough to maintain what I consider the most enviable of all titles, the character of an honest man.” 

-George Washington-



Government exists to protect our inalienable rights of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Limiting the scope and power of government is essential for the prosperity of Americans. Government should be strongest at the local levels where the individual and the community can have the most involvement. The tenth amendment allows the states and the people to implement things that are vital to them as a community; however, a bloated and overreaching federal government has infringed upon our Constitution, the sovereignty of the states and the sovereignty of the individual. 
I strongly believe knowledge is the key to breaking the chain of poverty and I have seen that first hand and from my students. As your congressmen I will fight to end federal mandates on education and give power back to local school boards and parents. Every community and school is different; therefore, there is not a one size fits all solution that can be applied at the federal level. Let's fight together for the best education our children can receive and insure that our communities, not Washington have the power to shape our young Oklahomans.


 The Declaration of Independence only guaranteed the pursuit of happiness, it is up to the individual to catch it. The government’s role in the economy is to guarantee equality of opportunity for all and leave success to individual drive, work ethic, ability & talent. The government does not build industry and it is not it's place to. I will work to move the government out of the way of the private sector while removing barriers to economic growth domestically. I will fight to insure a fair playing field for small business and against corporate welfare. When the government picks winners and losers it is the little guy that suffers and I will not be a tool for the dismantling of the American dream. 

Farming and ranching epitomizes the American dream. To take a plot of land and cultivate it into something that benefits yourself, your family and your community was a major reason for the settlement of the United States and of course Oklahoma. As your congressmen I will do what I can to move the federal government out of the way of our farmers and ranchers and keep cumbersome regulations from restricting the growth of our local agriculture that this state depends on.

"Those who labor on the Earth are the chosen people of God..." -Thomas Jefferson

I believe that life is one of God's most precious gifts; therefore, the lives of the unborn should be protected. Our government has no policy more shameful than allowing the lives of thousands of children to be extinguished before they even begin. We cannot defend liberty and the pursuit of happiness if we don't first defend life.